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5 Reasons You Must Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

The modern age is the internet age. We have a secret trick for you. With this trick, you can make sure that your website is a hit. Are you excited to know this secret?

Exploring Web Design with WordPress Templates

We are going to make website on wordpress. wordpress is typically a chronological listing of blog posts (or articles) that you (as a blogger) have published on the web.these people are referred to as bloggers, because they blog; and its easy to make wordpress websites

Cracking the Code: A Simple Guide to the Three Languages that Make up Websites

HTML is used to describe the structure of the website, to create the skeleton for your T-rex. What parts should the page be made of and in which order should be placed, this is all described with HTML

15 Ways to Fix Your Site Immediately

Within 5 seconds of landing on your website, can your visitors determine what your company does? Could users easily navigate to the blog if they need to? Is the layout of your pricing easy to understand? Do you have an extremely high bounce rate?