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5 Reasons You Must Have a Mobile-Friendly Website


The modern age is the internet (website) age. In light of this statement, we can say that businesses who have realised the significance of presenting themselves online are a success. But setting online business isn’t easy either as the market has become saturated like never before. With more companies realising the importance of establishing an online existence, the harder it is getting to grab the attention of customers. So it suggests that you will need to work your socks off if you want to beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

But don’t fret. We have a secret trick for you. With this trick, you can make sure that your business is a hit. Are you excited to know this secret? The secret trick is to create a mobile-optimized website. Shhhh it is a secret between us, don’t tell it to anyone.

Below is a rundown on why mobile-optimized websites will guarantee that your business is at the top of the ladder.

1. User Experience is Upgraded
It is no secret that people are glued to their mobile phones. Whether it is leisure or labour, people nowadays trust their mobile devices. So if you know how to present your business through mobile phones, the chances that people will engage with your business are elevated. Responsive web design will urge your visitors to stay longer while navigating your site. In this way, mobile-optimized websites can act as your business promoter.

2. Your Customers Search You Online Using Mobile Devices What is better than giving the best experience to customers on the device they are using to search for you? Sounds a little technical? Let me explain. According to a survey, 35% of people in France use the internet before buying products or services . It indicates that your potential customers might be looking for you online by using their mobile phones. Now imagine they reached out to you, but your website was not mobile responsive enough to impress them. What will be the consequence? They will leave you at the moment and jump onto the next site because they expect your business to be mobile optimised. What happened? You lost a sale. Do you see the importance now?

3. You are Well Equipped to Tackle Your Competitors
A responsive web design will keep you in competition. Many businesses are now understanding the need for mobile-optimized sites and putting their best to give their users the best experience on their mobile devices. It suggests that your top competitors are already readied with mobile-optimized sites. Hence a web-based business, particularly a mobile-friendly site, will boost your business’s reputation and will aid you to outmatch your competitors.

4. Mobile-Friendly Websites are Cost-Effective
Contrary to popular perception, mobile-friendly sites can cut your costs. Are you asking how? Go back to those days when web developers used to keep altering the same web page to modify it to the device the website is being viewed. And for this, they used to demand high costs. Luckily now with responsive web design or web resizer, it is just a one-time game. Secondly, google hates those sites that are not mobile optimised. Because like every other online site, google is highly concerned about its user’s experience. And as 60%, online people search for stuff on mobile phones, that’s why Google ranks the mobile-friendly sites at the top. In this way, it also reduces your marketing costs.

5. It is the Need Of The Future
Look at your phone. Are you planning to get rid of your mobile devices in the future or thinking to switch to the more advanced one? I know your answer. Your answer tells us that having a mobile-optimized site is not only the need of the hour but the demand of the future. There is no way mobile phones are going away from sight. Instead, they are more likely to intensify further. So by adapting to mobile responsive web design, you are prewired for future demands.

How Will You Check The Responsiveness Of Your Website?

After reading the benefits mentioned above, you might have been thinking about how you can check whether your site meets the standards of your potential customers or not. The answer is simple. Take help from Google mobile-friendly test.

• Go to your browser and search google’s mobile-friendly test
• Open the site.
• There you will see a search tab. Paste your website’s URL in this search tab.
• Google will analyse it.
• After analysing, it will tell you whether your site passed or failed the test.

What to do Next?

If it passes then yay, it is a win-win situation. But what if your website is not adaptive to mobile phones. Worry not. Web resizer will come to rescue you. We also have other brilliant tactics to make your website smartphone friendly. But to read them, you will have to keep checking our blog.

The Takeaway

In the final analysis, mobile-optimized websites guarantee your success. Whether it is google or your customers, smartphone-optimized websites know how to impress them.

So if you want to have the best website experience at the lowest prices, contact us. We are looking forward to serving you.

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