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Error Establishing a Database Connection: Quick Fixes with 7 Ways in Shared Hosting


Discovering the “Error establishing a database connection” message on your internet site hosted in a shared web hosting surroundings can be worrisome, however worry no longer. In this manual, we’ll discover user-pleasant answers which you, as a shared web hosting user, can implement to remedy this difficulty while not having access to server configurations.

Check DB Credentials

In your website’s root directory, find the wp-config.Php report.

Verify MySql Credentials:

Ensure that the database name (DB_NAME), username (DB_USER), password (DB_PASSWORD), and host (DB_HOST) inside the wp-config.Personal home page record are accurate. Update any wrong records.

Repair Tables

Access phpMyAdmin:

Most web hosting carriers provide phpMyAdmin. Access it thru your hosting manage panel.

Select Your Database:

Locate your database and pick it.

Check and Repair Tables:

Look for an option to “Check” and “Repair” database tables. Execute those operations to fix capacity problems.

Memory Limits

Update wp-config.Personal home page:

  • Add the following line on your wp-config.php file
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
  • Adjust the restriction based for your hosting company’s specifications.
  • You may encounter issues; sometimes increasing php limit limit resolves them.

Reinstall WordPress Core Files

Download a Fresh Copy:

Visit the reliable WordPress internet site and download the modern day version.

Replace Core Files:

Extract the downloaded documents and update the existing WordPress middle files for your server using FTP or File Manager furnished via your website hosting.


These person-pleasant steps have to assist you troubleshoot and resolve the “Error establishing a database connection” problem in a shared hosting surroundings. Remember, in case you stumble upon problems, don’t hesitate to attain out for your web hosting provider’s support for help. Your website might be again on-line smoothly with minimal trouble.

For further details on database troubleshooting, you can also check out this external resource.

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