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Top 10 new trending female entrepreneurs in India

Top 10 new trending female entrepreneurs in India

While talking about the Indian entrepreneurs, then the name of female always comes into the mind. In India, women are always on the list of the top as well as trending entrepreneurs and they always motivate other females. So, today we have decided to post all the stories of such entrepreneurs and share them along with our beautiful readers. The above post will inspire all those ladies, who want to do something in their lives. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Priya Paul

Priya Paul

Priya Pual is the chairperson of Apeejay Surrendra Park hotel. She has done her studies at Wellesley College and joined her dad as a marketing manager. While she was just 51, he became one of the most influential women. In the year 2012, she is also honored as a Padma Shree Award by Pratibha Shing Patil. After her father’s death, she decided to take responsibility for her three hotels even having no experience in handling such things.

Indra Nooyi :- 

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi has also worked as CEO at Pepsico and worked along with the Amazon Board of directors. She has done her master’s degree from Yale School of Management and also worked along with Johnson. In the year, 2006 he started working along with Pepsico and in the year 2019, she joined Amazon. She is one of the most powerful women according to Forbes. While working along with Pepsico, she always wants them to reduce their sugar and fat content in their products.

Ritu Kumar :- 

Ritu Kumar

If you are a fashion lover, then you must be aware of the name of Ritu Kumar. She is a fashion designer and loves designing clothes for brides and other evening clothes. She is running her business not only in India, but also in abroad. She is also honoured by the Padma Shree award by the President of India. After gaining a response, she opened her branches across India as well as abroad. She is the one, who has introduced Boutique Culture to the people of India. She has also published a book namely, Costumes and Textiles of Royal India. She has also designed clothes for celebrities including Kareena Kapoor during her wedding.

Aditi Gupta :- 

Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta is the co-founder of Menstrupedia, which is the website that educates girls about the problem of Menstruation. In the year 2014, she along with her husband made a partnership along with whisper India where they run a movement namely Touch the Pickle in multiple cities. She has educated around 50,000 girls in terms of periods and 13 million girls worldwide. While she was a kid, she is not allowed to worship, sit on the bed, and even make her wash her clothes separately. It is the thing, which inspire her a lot and makes her to educated people in terms of this.

Vandana Luthra :- 

Vandana Luthra

In today’s world no one is unaware of the brand VLCC. Vandana Luthra is the founder of the brand. In the year 1989, she started a company VLCC as a slimming and beauty center. After its success, she comes to add more services into that, which includes grooming, hair build, and many more services. She believe that women need to face a lot of issues before and after their marriage due to the bad thinking of society and everyone have to change their thinking and start respecting women. Being a mother and an entrepreneur, she has successfully managed her professional and personal life.

Suchi Mukherjee :- 

Suchi Mukherjee

In 2012, Suchi Mukherjee started an online platform named Limeroad, which deals in selling online clothes and other lifestyle accessories. Now, their websites come under the category of India’s top online shopping websites. She has studied at an economics school in London where she has done a master degree in Finance. She has achieved multiple awards including the coolest start-up of the year, and many more. While she is on her maternity leave, she thinks how to start her own business. She has always worked along with high-profile companies and always wants to start a company like them.

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal :- 

Radhika Aggarwal

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal is a lady who is having fifteen years of experience in the marketing industry. She has worked in multiple industries including fashion, advertising, lifestyle, and many more. She is the co-founder of shopclues.com. Each month the website shopclues.com receives around 7 million unique visitors. Her father worked in an army, which made her grow up in multiple cities; meeting new people inspire her.

Falguni Nayar :- 

Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar has worked as an investment banker along with Kotak Mahindra. In the year 2012, she started her brand, namely Nykaa, which deals in selling cosmetic and other wellness products. Today, Nykaa delivers its products all across the country and they deal in thousands of cosmetic brands.

Vani Kola :- 

Vani Kola

Vani Kola is the founder and managing director of Kalaari Capital. She has done her science degree from Arizona State University. She has worked along with Certus Software and Rightwrok. In the year 2012, she started a company of 150 million dollars. Along with her hard work and dedication, she achieved the award for the NDTV women of worth award of entrepreneurship. She is the one, who has used digital technology to make her business stand. She loves spending time along with her family and loves doing activities like yoga and excercise.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw :- 

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar is also one of the most-wealthiest and self-made entrepreneurs. She is the founded Biocon Limited that she founded in 1978. While she entered into the US biosimilars, then she became a person of attention by them. In the year 2019, she became India’s 54th richest person and became 65th most powerful woman. While talking about her education, then she has done Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Bangalore University.

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