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How to Connect ChatGPT with WordPress for Efficient Blogging?

These days, having a website for a business becomes very much common. There are many tools like ChatGPT, which are getting more popular day by day. It is the only advanced tool, which gives a new shape to the website. It let the developers streamline all their development processes as it is loaded with advanced AI technology. But still, there are a lot of issues or problems that a developer face while working on the ChatGPT. Today, here in this post we will discuss one of its issues which are connecting ChatGPT with WordPress for blogging. So, let’s check out the information below:

What is ChatGPT?


ChatGPT is a chatbot, which is made to generate text according to the information added by the user. ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, and it is loaded by multiple applications which are used for generating code.

How does ChatGPT work?

The working of the ChatGPT is quite simple. A user needs to enter a question, and then the AI tools available in the ChatGPT will come up with the relevant response. The inner process within the ChatGPT is quite complex. ChatGPT makes use of Natural language processing or NLP, it is the only language that makes computers interpret, and understand like humans. Examples of NLP models are Google translate and Siri, that is important in checking for plagiarism, and even important in proofreading.

The ChatGPT is more advanced as compared to Siri as well as Alexa.

Connecting ChatGPT with the WordPress website for blogging

Now, coming to the major question that how to connect ChatGPT with the WordPress website for blogging. So, if you are searching for the answer, then you should check out the steps below

Step 1: Log in to the WordPress panel of your website.

Step 2: From your dashboard, click on the plugins. Click on the add a new plugin.

Step 3: Search for the ai power here. In the search results, you have to find GPT AI power by Senol Sahin. Click on the install now button. And then click activate.

In the settings for the plugin, you have multiple options which are content writer, auto content writer, image generator, PromptBase, Playground, ChatGPT, Track Your AI, etc. You can also use a pro person of ChatGPT.

Step 4: Now, in the settings for the AI engine. You have to choose the API key and click on get your API key. Now, click on get your API key. You will get a new tab here.

Step 5: Login or Sign up to your ChatGPT account. If you are already registered on the ChatGPT account, then enter valid details of your email id and password and then continue.

Step 6: You will be taken to the API keys page. Now, click on create a new secret key and make sure that you have set up organization personnel. Your API key gets created.

Step 7: Copy this API key and paste it on your WordPress dashboard.

Step 8: Move to the posts section available on your WordPress dashboard. Click on generate a new post.  

Step 9: Now, enter the details for the title. By default, you may have received multiple options here that are language, style, and many more. Choose your language and style of the post.

Step 10: Choose the headings you want to create. You can also choose keywords( available on the Pro version).

Now, click on the check box for image, choose image size, and image style.

Step 11: Choose other options. Add a tagline, add an introduction, an Intro title tag, Add conclusion,

Add Q&A, conclusion title tag, and other things. It all depends upon the type of post that you are having.

Step 12: Optimize your post for SEO, and enter the details related to the meta description and tags. Now, click on the generate option. It will consume some time. Now, click on the save draft option. Now, you will see that your post has been created. You can preview the post.

You will see that your article has been created. All the images and headings are added automatically. You will be amazed to see that your article will get created within a matter of seconds. You can create as many as articles you want to create. Click on the publish your article to get it published.


At last, we hope that you have successfully integrated ChatGPT with your WordPress website to improve your blogging process. With ChatGPT, you can create engaging blog posts quickly and easily. If you’re looking to start your business, consider purchasing hosting from us. We offer multiple locations for your website, ensuring your site runs smoothly and efficiently. Save time and effort with the help of ChatGPT and improve your online presence today!

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