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The Ultimate Language Model Battle: ChatGPT vs. Bard AI – Who Wins?

When talking about the amazing AI-powered chatbot options, then the option of ChatGPT and Bard AI comes into mind. They are the multiple chatbot options, which are gaining huge popularity in the year 2023. After the launch of ChatGPT, Google has also launched their AI-powered chatbot namely, Bard. Now, developers have started searching for the differences between these chatbots. While talking about the functionalities of both of these platforms, then they are the same, but still, there are some differences between these chatbots. And here in this post, we will discuss all the differences between these. So, let’s check out the information below and understand both of them better.

Both the ChatGPT, as well as Bard AI, respond according to the natural language inputs. They both behave using machine learning. It works as an AI assistant search and learning tool, which makes information to get easily accessible.

About ChatGPT


ChatGPT is launched in November 2022 and now it became one of the most searched Chatbots on the internet. ChatGPT is free to use, but you need to pay when you want to access its advanced features. ChatGPT got launched by OpenGPT with the motive to generate content for educational, and personal motive purposes. But after this, the developers have seen that it is mixing the information from multiple data sources.

ChatGPT uses machine learning language to answer the questions asked by the users. After five days after its launch, it reached 1 million users. ChatGPT uses GPT-3 model, which works on the GPT-3 model and responds according to the text created by humans.

The language used by ChatGPT

ChatGPT is also known as a conversational generative pre-trained transformer. It works on artificial intelligence. It is completely based on the deep learning method.

The model used by ChatGPT

It does not work on live data, and its offline model got available in the year 2021.

Learning platform of ChatGPT

ChatGPT works according to the human feedback model. It responds according to the situations or circumstances.

Upgrade option in ChatGPT

The makers of the ChatGPT have introduced their upgrade option recently and it cost around $20. But today it got available in the United States of America. In the future, it got launched in other countries as well.

Search engine option in ChatGPT

As per the latest studies, it has been found that ChatGPT is currently available for Bing as well as edge search engines. But still, it is not available in some countries.

About Bard AI


 Bard AI uses a Language model for dialogue application or LaMDA and responds according to the internet. Bard offers more information to the users with the help of its language model. It works according to the computer power and provides feedback as per the queries typed by the users.

The main goal of Bard AI is to offer information to users in the simplest form as compared to internet searches. The working of the Bard AI is the same as that of Siri and Alexa. Bard AI also interacts as a personal assistant and along with Bard AI, it becomes easier to book vacations or reserve trains.

Bard AI language

Bard AI is the combination of four dialogue applications, namely LAMDA. The working of Bard AI language is the same as that of GPT-3 and BERT.

Model of Bard AI

The Bard AI gets all the information from the internet. The model is prepared on datasets in light of Web content called Infinite. Albeit the data about Infinite is somewhat less.

The learning model of Bard AI

LaMDA language model depends on the transformer and is prepared on discoursed, that comprise up to 137B boundaries and are pre-prepared on 1.56T words and web text.

Upgrade option in Bard AI

 Bard AI is not still available for regular people. But in the future, the makers of Bard AI will make it available for trusted testers.

Search engine option in Bard AI

 Google Bard AI is available for Google’s Search engine.

Major Differences between ChatGPT as well as Bard AI

The working of the ChatGPT, as well as Bard AI, is completely the same. In February 2023, Microsoft introduced a new technology for larger companies. These features also get added to Bing as well as Edge, which gives a better experience according to the user’s search.

On the other hand, Google has not responded as all the features get added to the search engine. The major thing that makes both of these Chatbots apart from each other is the data source. Bard goes on adding new information on the searches and even so, it also adds more information according to the real-time searches.  

ChatGPT works according to GPT 3.5, whereas Bard work according to LaMDA.  Bard work as an open-source program to understand natural language. Bard work on the sentences, whereas ChatGPT work on the single-word system.

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