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How to write good blog articles


Writing excellent blog articles is a great way to get more traffic to your site and increase your reach.

Whether your goal is to add customers to your business or to engage an audience as a writer, here are our top tips for how to write good blog articles.

One might assume riding a horse into the sunset is easy. When you actually mount the horse, things become different. The moment you are there with the reins in your hand is the first moment you begin to grasp the objective.

Feeling the breathing powerful creature below you and realizing that you have to take control and lead this beautiful beast is the first step of your sunset ride. This is the same concept of learning how to write a good blog post or good blog article. When you take the reins, you have looked at the terrain in front of you and mapped out exactly which way to steer your horse before you take off.

After you’ve mapped out your rough draft, you may begin writing your article. Carefully creating an eye-catching headline is key. Finding your keywords to make your writing more searchable is also very important. When you have these things set up, then you may want to pull your story together using images to help guide and engage the reader as you continue your story. Make sure to fully explain all complex issues or topics. Back each topic up with research. Enhance your blog by adding humor, wit, and charm.

Plan out extra time to proofread your post or article. Proofreading the correct way in a good blog article is spent by simply reevaluating the project, honing in on your craft as a writer. Does your article appeal to you? Will others enjoy reading it? Does it make sense? And can one follow it? Editing is a crucial part of writing any good blog article. Each blogger must rise above the norm and meet the new standard of excellence making certain the reader is informed, their attention is kept, and their opinions are valued.

The best articles are not written in a day. That is, when it comes to writing good blog articles, you may find a lot of writing tips that describe the do’s and don’ts of what keywords to use to engage your audience, but these are lacking one key ingredient: passion.

Having passion is necessary for writing good articles. You don’t need a spelling booklet to figure out how to use the best words, but having content on your blogs that you are passionate about will send a clear message to your audience that your content is worth reading.

Write from experience. The best blog articles have some truth to them. You do not have to tell your entire life’s story, and it is okay to write on topics you do not have direct experience with, but when it comes to writing, your audience can tell the difference between what is real and what is fake. The best articles have passion and genuineness behind them. Stand out from the fakers and the rest of the crowd by pulling your readers in with your story.

Plan it out. The best articles are written with a plan in mind. Begin with your end-goal in mind before you begin writing. Each article you write should be “on brand.” This means that every blog article you write needs to match your overall goal. Is that goal to promote your online business? Offer services? Entertain your audience or give advice? Before you sit down to type, give it some thought. Who are you trying to reach and what do they want to hear? It is important to consider these things before you write!

Ask yourself questions. As a writer, it can be easy to assume that the people reading your blog posts already know as much as you do about your topic. Never assume anything. Educate your audience! Share your knowledge and add value to your readers’ lives. They will keep coming back if it is what they need to hear.

Design matters. Although you do not have to take out the spelling booklet just yet, the appearance of your blog matters. The best blog articles are written clearly and concisely. Make it clean in appearance. Colors are great and photos are a fun addition that can keep your readers engaged, but do not go overboard. Make sure that your writing is highlighted and that it takes center-stage.

What would you want to read about? It is important to know what your audience wants to read! Do not assume that they will appreciate a topic just because you do. Know your audience in which you’re reaching out to. Study the topics that they are interested in and see how this matches up with your experiences and what you want to write about.

Writing the best articles may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you break down the assignment into its smaller parts, it begins to seem possible – and it is! We hope that this guide on how to write good blog articles helps you along your journey.

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